The Smart Staff Difference

The problem with other answering services:
Maybe you’ve come across it yourself – you call a business and are answered by an uninterested operator who wants to take your message and get you off the phone.  Your questions are met with ignorance and a standard comeback.  By the time you hang up, you’re feeling frustrated and that company’s professional image has gone down a notch or two (or more!) in your mind.

Smart Staff is different.  For starters, we consider ourselves a partner in your business.  We care about your customers and treat them like our own – if your customers are happy then you are happy!

It all begins with a smarter staff:
It’s not easy to get a job at Smart Staff.  We carefully screen and select only top caliber receptionists, assistants, and other staff members.  We offer generous salaries and an attractive benefits package – because a satisfied employee treats you and your
clients with more dedication and skill than a
run-of-the-mill, cheaply paid worker.

Personalized, intelligent receptionist service.  We use the latest, most innovative technology and software that allows you to supply an unlimited amount of company data (at no extra charge).  You have complete control over the information our receptionists see about your company when a phone call comes in.

Convenient one-stop solution center:
Smart Staff offers a complete suite of virtual office services to meet your every need.  You get a smarter choice of plans and a lot more variety than you’ll find anywhere else.  Plus, every plan can be fully customized – at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay.

Is Smart Staff for you?

If you’re a small, medium, or home-based business owner or manager, you know that juggling and overseeing the office tasks involved in running a business tends to become very frustrating. 

Wouldn’t you love to have a capable and dependable staff help out while you focus on the big picture and build your business?

What will you do with the time you save when you delegate your office work?

No need to dream… you can make it happen today!  Call us 1-888-28-STAFF (7823) and we’ll help you choose the level of service your business needs and deserves.  A dedicated staff is waiting for you...

Currently serving:

Wholesalers | Brokers | Professionals | e-Commerce Sites | Medical Services | Lawyers/Attorneys | Consultants

and More!

Client Stories
Too busy to bill for work performed…

James recently started a web design business. 
Happily, it didn’t take long for him to become busy full-time, designing websites and meeting potential clients.  He soon found he didn’t have time to keep track of his invoices – let alone deal with the day-to-day office work.  He’d find himself dreaming of the day when he could set up an office and have a secretary handle the billing and clerical work.  But he could never fully justify the tremendous expense involved.

James found out about Smart Staff while searching the web for “small business solutions”. He figured it wouldn’t cost anything to inquire about Smart Staff’s services, and called the number on the website.  After determining what he needed to make his business more efficient, Smart Staff provided a part-time assistant at a monthly cost well within range of his budget.  James reports that for the first time in months, he’s actually getting paid for his work in a timely manner – thanks to his dedicated Smart Staff Assistant.

To answer or not to answer…

Joann started her own PR firm a short while ago. Having made numerous contacts while working behind the scenes at fashion shows and film events, this seemed like the smartest move to advance her career.  But quick success can prove to be disastrous – her cell phone was ringing constantly while she was in important meetings.  Joann was always afraid that if she missed a call, she may be missing out on the next "Big Client".  She needed a solution fast!

Joann heard about Smart Staff from a relative. 
Two weeks after her first phone call, she found herself set up with a “Smart Receptionist” plan that makes sure her calls are handles as if she had her own private receptionist. Today, she’s able to focus on one
client at a time without the fear of losing potential clients…

Out of joint no more…

Daniel was becoming increasingly frustrated with the logistics of his successful chiropractor practice. He had
a secretary who handled the filing and welcomed clients when they visited his office. But it was impossible for her to schedule and confirm appointments effectively while keeping current on the office work. He couldn't afford to hire another secretary.  The end of a long and tiring day often found him at his desk, confirming the next day’s appointments all by himself.

Daniel learned about Smart Staff when he did some research online for an affordable solution, and once
he settled on the right service plan and got started, he couldn’t be more pleased.  He no longer has to deal
with setting and confirming his own appointments – Smart Staff's appointment scheduling service does
a superb job of that!  He particularly likes the software linked to Smart Staff’s computer network that allows
him to log in and view all upcoming appointments at
a glance.

In pursuit of greener pastures…

Clay wanted to know how well his lawn business was doing compared to his competitors. It seemed like every season brought more startup landscaping businesses into his area.  He wanted an edge over the competition, and thought the best way to keep his customers happy would be by finding out what they want from his service. He wanted to conduct a survey, but couldn't find the time to do it himself. He was just too busy maintaining the essential part of his business…cutting lawns.

One evening Clay determined to find a solution. He remembered an ad he’d seen about Smart Staff and quickly found the number he’d jotted down back then. 
A few weeks later, Smart Staff completed over 300 calls
to his present clients and some potential leads. Clay
now knows exactly what his customers want and what he needs to improve to keep well ahead of his competitors.