Are you a staff of one? Have you ever been in a meeting with a client and your phone just won’t stop ringing? What do you do? Do you answer the call and risk offending the client you’re meeting with, or ignore the persistent ringing and risk losing a potential client?

How about option three? Choose SmartStaff. For a fraction of the cost of setting up an office SmartStaff provides you with a professional receptionist who answers all calls with the greeting of your choice. Messages are instantly transmitted to you via the method you prefer. Message transmission can be by phone, fax, email, pager, the client login section of our website, or you can even choose to call in to retrieve your messages.

We have various plans that will suit your needs and budget. Please click here and fill out this form and we will be happy to send you all the plans and pricing we have available.

The Smart Receptionist Service Plan includes your own dedicated phone number. Existing phone number(s) can be retained and forwarded to this new number. When a client calls for you a well-trained receptionist will answer it and take a live message or transfer the call to your voicemail. You can retrieve your messages 24/7 or choose to be notified via email when a new message comes in.

Unlike other answering services, SmartStaff allows you to supply an unlimited amount of company information and business data in order to give clients the impression that they’re talking to an on-location professional receptionist instead of the robotic message-taker you encounter so often with other services.

This plan includes all of the above along with additional valuable features. With the Professional Plan you have the option of introducing and teaching a SmartStaff employee all about your business and your clients. All calls can be screened and depending on what you specify calls can be seamlessly transferred to your home, office, cell phone, or voicemail.

This means you could be relaxing at a resort and no one has to know you’re out of the office for two weeks! If you decide you’d rather not take the call, the receptionist will take a message or transfer the caller to your voicemail. Messages are forwarded to you via the method of your choice.

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