Your Company’s Privacy:

We take your company’s privacy very seriously here at SmartStaff, Inc. We store your data (credit card, personal, and company information) on a secure server in order to ensure the safety of your vital information. All information collected about you are the sole property of SmartStaff, Inc. and it will not be shared, sold, or released to any other entity except where it is required by law and/or legal processes.

Your company data is password protected on our computers and can only be accessed by designated SmartStaff, Inc. employees.

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SmartStaff, Inc is not responsible for the content, decisions, or offers of any links to third party websites. All links to third party websites are responsible for their own offers, content, and decisions. Please note that the inclusion of any link does not imply an endorsement by SmartStaff, Inc.

Our E-mail List Policy:

SmartStaff, Inc. collects all necessary contact information such as your name and e-mail address when you subscribe to our mailing list. We also provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every e-mail for your convenience.

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