Attention Smart Staff Clients:

Sign up for our Smart Referral Program and get a
10% discount
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Keep getting that 10% discount for every new client you refer, and you’ll soon be getting our services completely free of charge!!

If you’re not a Smart Staff client, join our Smart Referral Program and earn 10% commission* (paid on the base monthly fee + additional services) for the lifetime of every new client you refer.  Your earning potential is unlimited!

To join the Smart Referral Program fill out the referral registry, <link to sign form>. You can give your customers, associates, and anyone else you think
may benefit from the services that we offer, our
contact information and website. Or you can place
our information on your site, upon signing up they
will have to mention your name.

* 2 referrals necessary before earning commission.
You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.