SmartStaff is dedicated to the idea that cutting-edge technology always helps a company become more successful. In today’s technologically advanced society we no longer have to do things the traditional and costly way. Instead of huge office spaces and numerous employees we can all be connected virtually and make more efficient and modern staffing choices.

SmartStaff was founded specifically to alleviate the burdens that face start-up businesses and financially savvy business owners who don’t want to waste precious time and capital on the traditional office setup. Our advanced computerized phone system and office solutions help you save time and money.

All SmartStaff operators are patient, friendly, and trained to treat your clients with utmost courtesy at all times. SmartStaff receptionists are proficient in working with our complex software which gives you virtually unlimited personalization. More importantly, every receptionist has impeccable phone skills and consistently projects a pleasant demeanor to all types of personalities.

Our advanced software and skilled staff ensures that all calls will be handled with the greatest professionalism. Our computerized phone system guarantees your calls are handled properly and your instructions are followed precisely.

When a call comes in our operators are instantly alerted with your personalized details and every call is handled just like it would be at your own office.

All calls can be screened and depending upon your instructions we can transfer it seamlessly to your home, office, cell phone, or voice mailbox. Our operators can take messages and then transmit the details to you via e-mail, SMS text message, fax, or phone. You can also access your messages in the client login area of our website at any time.

SmartStaff offers many low-cost options to simplify and lighten your workload. Ask us to do your billing, order-taking, and surveys. We really can do just about anything. Check out our services here or give us a ring now at 1-888-28-STAFF.

“I feel like I can finally breathe again. I’m no longer a slave to my cell phone. Signing up with SmartStaff is like having a real secretary. They took a huge chunk off my workload.”

                                                          Real Estate Agent, New York, NY

“I was literally losing control of my life and my business. I just couldn’t keep up with the constant phone calls and never-ending customer service. I looked up “small business office solutions” as a last resort and really was relieved by SmartStaff. Today, SmartStaff handles all my phone calls and I work from nine to five. Need I mention that my business is growing faster than ever?”

                                                        Printing Services, Long Island, NY

“SmartStaff saved my sanity. I can’t afford to set up a traditional office just yet, but I was in desperate need for another pair of hands (or two!). SmartStaff is much more than an answering service; it’s like having a really dedicated and intelligent assistant right by my side all day long.”

                                             Independent Film Producer, Brooklyn, NY

“If you’re a small business owner like me and hesitant about making the leap into virtual office solutions like I was (personality type A – trying to do everything alone), let me assure you that after one week with a Smart Receptionist Service Plan you’ll be thanking your lucky stars. Not all answering services are created equal. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.”

                                                         Graphic Designer, Philadelphia, PA

“I’m sitting with my feet up updating important contacts on my overused and abused Palm Pilot. This is something I’ve needed to do for the last six months, but never had the time to even think about it. Signing up with SmartStaff added hours to my days and I’m using the time to get my business back on the fast track. I can’t thank you guys enough!”

                                                                 Insurance Broker, Boston, MA

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