Are you looking for a more convenient way to obtain a dedicated toll-free number that will improve your company’s image and the response rate of your promotions? SmartStaff can provide you with a dedicated number or if you have a toll-free number already we can assign you a receptionist that will handle all your incoming calls.

Project a more professional image with your own customized phone and extension directory (e.g. for sales, press 1; for billing, press 2; etc…). All calls can be transferred to our operators or sent to you directly.

Are you waiting for a package but you’re in and out of the office all day? Maybe you don’t even have an office yet. You can choose to have packages shipped to us where there’s always someone ready to accept them during business hours. Packages can be picked up at our offices or we can forward them to you via messenger service.

Do you need an address for your virtual office? SmartStaff Mail Service lets you receive mail at our office location allowing you to print a physical business address on your business stationery and promotional materials. Your mail can be picked up at our offices or we can forward it to you.

Faxing, printing, and photocopying are vital components of a functioning office, but they are not always accessible when you are a one-person operation. With this service you receive a dedicated fax number, which means that documents faxed to you arrive at a machine that is always on and fully stocked. You will never have to worry about replacing cartridges or toner and all your incoming faxes are conveniently forwarded to you by fax or email.

If you ever need a quality printer or copier there is no need to invest a small fortune or run to a local copy shop. Send us your files for your brochures, business cards, and postcards; we can produce high resolution print runs for you. We can also take your hard copy originals and do color or black and white photocopies of your flyers or any other promotional material. Your completed print or copy jobs can be conveniently delivered or picked up.

Are you a busy professional headed toward a promising career? We know how valuable every hour is and how important it is that you spend as much time as possible attending to clients and appointments. Why waste precious time scheduling them, too?

Let us schedule and confirm all your appointments. The time and efficiency you gain will give your professional practice a more polished image which will in turn have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Would you like to run a survey on a product or service, but don't have the extra personnel for it? We will conduct any survey for you using questions and/or statements you provide. When the survey is completed you will receive a computerized report by fax or email.

Are you looking for a service not listed here? Contact us and we will create a custom service for you at a reasonable price.

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Smart Office Space: Office or Conference Rental (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

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